Our Mission

Pipsqueak Collective is an Orlando, Florida based group of multi-faceted artists that produce theatre, community event, and original videos focused on quality and collaboration. We strive to serve the vision of our collaborators to bring about truly original works and experiences. Pipsqueak Collective celebrates the underdog and provides unique platforms for original productions and events. True talent lies in everyone, and we always work to unlock the potential of an artist's imagination and passion. 




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Our Values


Professionalism, honesty and respect are great ways to promote positivity. We vow to keep an open-door policy with all of our artists and collaborators and are always ready to receive feedback, compromise when necessary, and participate in healthy debate and critique.


We strive to create work that provides a catharsis of the human experience. While the presence of art can be physically temporary, the depth of it's impact is emotionally permanent.


We explore unconventional subject matter and untested original work, both as a collective and as individuals. We seek to learn new ideas, provide fresh perspective, and support the innovation of our community. 



E-mail: pipsqueakcollective@gmail.com


Facebook: Facebook.com/pipsqueakcollective


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